In addition, citing previous literature, the text will be enriched and will still serve as a subsidy to place the reader on the current conjuncture of research on the subject Monografias Prontas. It is complex to approach a theme without evaluating and cite what is already known about it.
Mentioning the existing literature, the author can demonstrate the level of contribution brought by his work to the readers of the journal in which he intends to publish Monografias Prontas.
If there are already many articles on the subject and the author does not know how to modify his to make it relevant, he should carefully read the previous articles in all of them compared to his article.
A literature review, for example, may aim to compare conclusions or simply Monografias Prontas expose them.
Very broad objectives should be avoided, such as analyzing the results obtained or addressing the issue in question Monografias Prontas. An analysis or approach is not the goal itself, but the means to reach it. We analyze or approach for some conclusion. It is this conclusion that should be the goal.
Before writing a project, article or monograph, try to know what has already been published on the subject. This allows the author to cast his article in a way that fills untapped gaps, making it more interesting and relevant. It also helps to avoid accusations of plagiarism, since the author will no longer apply for an article very similar to another already published.
This is a mandatory element, consisting of a sequence of concise and objective phrases and not a simple enumeration of topics, not exceeding Monografias Prontas words, followed, just below, of the words representative of the content of the work, ie keywords and / or descriptors, according to ABNT NBR 6022/2003 and 6028/2003.
Required element, the keywords Monografias Prontas should appear just below the abstract, preceded by the expression - Keywords - separated by each point and also finalized by point. They are related to 3 to 6 keywords that express the central ideas of the text, being simple and / or compound terms. The author's concern in choosing the most appropriate terms is due to the fact that readers readily identify the main theme of the article by reading the abstract and keywords. (ABNT NBR 6022/2003 and 6028/2003). They are characteristic words of the theme that serve to index the article.
It should appear on the opening page of the article. They are gateways to the scientific article; is where reading begins, as well as interest in the text Monografias Prontas. Therefore, it must be strategic, well elaborated and when the author already has an appropriate idea of its final writing, which implies to be sure about the direction that gave the theme. It must be a composition of originality and coherence, which will certainly provoke interest in reading.
The Monografias Prontas must be accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae that qualifies them in the area of knowledge of the article. The curriculum, as well as the e-mail address, should appear in the footer indicated by Arabic numeral. Usually the first name is the main author, or 1st author, always quoted or referenced in front of the others, according to ABNT - NBR 6022/2003.